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Robot dog Bittle kickstarter campaign stats and followups

Dear Backers,

We are thrilled to announce that our robot dog Bittle Kickstarter campaign was successfully funded! The performance was extraordinary by every measure. Thanks for supporting us in making this fantastic campaign! This update will highlight some campaign stats and prepare you for the coming production and delivery process.

The campaign lasted for 45 days. We reached the initial $50K goal within 21 hours. The $200K stretch goal was fulfilled on the 11th day. In total, we raised $567K with the contribution of 2052 backers. 1/10 of the funds will pay the platform fees, 1/2 will pay the production cost, 1/4 will cover the past R&D expense, and the remaining 3/20 will help us in operation and continued improvements on the product.

We've got backers from 60+ countries. You can find the popularity map below.

We also got featured by the top tech media. Most of them were achieved organically. Thanks to your sharing! We didn't do massive paid promotions and ads because I'm highly confident in our backer community. There're so many hardcore makers and professionals in the group. I'm honored and excited to have you all come together to build an active and educational community!

Since the campaign was successfully funded, Kickstarter started to charge your credit cards. Most of the payments have been collected. However, there are still 5% of transactions failed due to the wrong card number, expiration date, or other reasons. You can check your card information or try another card. In two weeks, Kickstarter will fund our bank account.

Even if you have some problems with the payment or want to add extra accessories, our followup survey will provide a solution. The survey will collect your order preference, shipping address, and confirm your add-on items. The page will look like a shopping cart, and you do have the chance to add more items at the Kickstarter discount. You won't be charged for extra money as long as your previous payment matches the total value. For the failed transaction on Kickstarter, you can also utilize the payment system to complete the purchase.

We prefer to get your order detail earlier for production, while the shipping address should be collected later in case of any moves. We should send out the survey in one month. The survey link will be sent from info@petoi.com. We noticed that backers using Apple ID on Kickstarter couldn't receive a survey email. For those backers, please message us on Kickstarter or email to info@petoi.com, with the information below:

1. Your backer number or the xxx@privaterelay.appleid.com email;

2. Your contact email.

Your email will only be used for communication regarding your order. The survey mentioned above will only be sent to our Kickstarter backers. If you followed our updates but missed the Kickstarter campaign, you can continue to support us on Indiegogo at igg.me/at/bittle.


We have already kicked off production for the battery, Bittle shell, and part of the P1S servo. Please follow our social media account @petoicamp on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook for timely and more interactive updates.

It's been a too long message. But I hope it's making our work clear and transparent. 

Have a good day!


Rz and the Petoi Team


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