October Updates - New Website, Petoi Mobile App for Easy Configuration and Control, and User Survey

Dear Petoi backers and community members,

time for another long overdue update.

User survey

We'd love to get your feedback, suggestions, and improvement ideas on our quadruped robots, whether you are a new user or a long-time member. Please fill out this survey

New homepage and local fulfillment in US, UK and Europe

We've redesigned and launched a new homepage for Petoi that's more informative and host a store where you can buy our open source four-legged robotics kits and accessories directly from us. The original forum has been migrated to Petoi.camp. Please let us know if you run into any problems when browsing our website.

We have set up local fulfillments to orders from the US.   Customers in the UK can order Bittle on Amazon UK.  We are setting up Amazon Europe to serve customers in the EU.

Product supply chain

We are been experiencing a never-seen shortage of materials and chips and have tried our best to secure our supply chain and keep shipping new orders in a timely fashion towards the year-end.    If you want to get a Petoi robot pet for the upcoming holiday season, we highly recommend you ordering now. 

New Petoi iOS/Android mobile app to control Nybble & Bittle

New Petoi iOS/Android Mobile App

We've released our official iOS/Android mobile app for configuring and controlling Petoi's open source robot petwirelessly through BlueTooth(requiring to plug in the BlueTooth module). You can easily calibrate your robot's joints to make them move more stable and control your robots with default actions such as walking, greetings, stretches, and rest.

We used the app to race two Nybbles on our playground and had a fun time.

You can also add custom actions (commands) to your robots to achieve more advanced controls and motions. Please check the guide for complete details.

Revision of NyBoard

As the prices of ATmega328P-MU has skyrocketed, we redesigned the NyBoard V1_0 and ran a complete round of tests for the new version. It uses a larger package (ATmega328P-AU) and replaced the seven RGB-LED with a single PWM LED. Other specifications remain the same. We still have about 100 pcs of V1_0 in stock and the future NyBoards will all be V1_1. 

Updates on OpenCat, Petoi's Open Source Quadruped Robotic Pet Framework

 We have been refactoring OpenCat’s functions and libraries to make the main loop easier to understand and modify. It will also make the code more robust to changes in function modules, which gives us the freedom to upgrade to other chips in the future. 

Finally, yet another reminder to fill out the user survey.  We will really appreciate and value your feedback!



The Petoi Team


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