Free C++ Quadruped Robotics Curriculum - Learn Robotics with OpenCat


Petoi is proud to release the free Petoi quadruped robotics project-based learning (PBL) curriculum in C++.  It uses Arduino as the coding environment and Petoi's robot dog Bittle as the hardware platform. In the 16 lessons, the students will learn the course material and team up with their classmates to explore creative projects. For teachers, we also include the lesson plans and the students’ workbooks to help them organize the classroom. 

The curriculum starts with an introduction to Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and simple demos of light LEDs and buzzers.  
  • It teaches the fundamental programming concepts and C++ syntax alongside vivid experiments you can reproduce. 
  • It shows how a robot collects data, understands the environment, makes a decision, and performs tasks with encoded logic and instructions. 
  •  It first explains the minimal codes to make each function module work, then demonstrates how a function can be integrated into a much more complex system, such as Petoi Bittle.

Unlike traditional robotic cars or blocks, Petoi Bittle adopts a charming dog body that’s more attractive to young students.
  • The building process and rich technical depth can initiate more classroom discussions on STEM topics. 
  • The bionic design also encourages students to think about the relationship between humans, robotics, AI, and other modern technology, develop new forms of human-robotics interaction, and develop new applications that can help mankind thrive in the new era.