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Why should you choose Petoi robot pets as gifts over other toys/robots?

programmable open source robo dog Bittle shaking hand with owner

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Every geek, maker, engineer, programmer dreams of owning a realistic robot

But owning a $70,00 Boston Dynamic Spot Mini dog is too expensive, and it's too big as a (robot) pet in his/her space.

Petoi robot animals are the amazing gadget toys for him/her to play, program and train.
programmable open source robot dog Bittle surviving a fall, then getting back up

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Open source programmable robots give enedless programming possibilities

Petoi robot cats and dogs are some the most advanced, high-performance robotic kits.   They are highly extensible with Arduino & Raspberry Pi modules(optional add-ons), so your friend can customize them however he/she wants.
programmable open source robo cat Nybble cute poses

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Hands-on building a cute robot pet

Your friends are geeky/nerdy because they love building things.  It'd be so satisfying for them to bring robot pets to life by assembling with lego-like parts and remote-control them with a mobile app.
Your friends can even paint different colors or attach new 3D-printed parts to give his/her robot pets a new look.
cute programmable open source robo cat Nybble playing with owner

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Play with a realistic robot "pet"

Too many robot pets are built on wheels and don't act like real pets.

No matther you want to gift to an adult or a kid, he/she will find endless fun playing with Petoi's real robot pets that walk and move like real pets with personality that can be designed and programmed by your friends. 
programmer codes new trick of robot programmable open source dog Bittle

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Code new tricks to amaze the world

The real fun begins when one codes new tricks for the programmable four-legged (quadruped) robots, make it run faster, jump higher and play acrobatic tricks, such as doing consecutive backflips, and makes cool and intelligent robot applications such as robot pet dancing, robot pet mimicking real pet's move using machine learning.
programmable open source robo dog Bittle are programmed with AI to see things with camera

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Program robo pets to see and sense the world

With optional camera and sensor module, implement navigation and pathfinding with cost-effective sensor fusion and algorithms, enable interaction with humans or pets through voice & vision recognitions

Gift a robo pet now!