Petoi Smart Robot Dog & Cat Comparison

Petoi intelligent robot pets come in two flavors currently:  robot cat Nybble and robot dog Bittle.  


Nybble was born and "raised"(aka crowdfunded) by a few thousands of early backers from Indiegogo in 2018.  Bittle was born and "raised" on Kickstarter and Indiegogo in 2020 and has continued to evolve with the rollout of Bittle STEM kit and Bittle X with voice control.


They run on OpenCat, Petoi's open source quadruped robot framework.  They are highly programmable quadruped robots, and support varies modules and sensors that are compatible with Arduino. So you can really gift them some intelligence. They are also compatible with Petoi mobile app and desktop app for convenient calibration, controlling, and programming with new robotics skills. 

Look & Feel

Nybble has more of a retro look with wooden frames and pieces.  Bittle is made out of durable and high-impact injection-molding material, and is more sturdy. As the 2nd generation of Petoi's robot, Bittle has more impressive dynamic agility and can perform self-right, frontflip and backflip.  

Bittle and Nybble are affordable, agile and very cute in the eye of the beholder. Their frames are designed to have very few screws involved. The cat has more human-like head and knee joints and is loved by many kids. However, the interlocking wooden frame may pose a challenging puzzle for beginners. The assembling of Bittle is more like a clip-on experience and can be done in one hour. We also keep simplifying the software configuration so that users can make the robot work faster, as an encouragement for deeper exploration with this highly extensible framework. 


Bitlte and Nybble are both great for learning coding and quadruped robotics in STEM education as well as developing real-world four-legged robot applications and performing related research.  They also make great unique gifts to kids learning about robotics and coding and to geeks/engineers/programmers who are into building their own robots and programming smart robots.

Comparison by features

    Bittle Nybble
Robot Appearance Dog Cat
Coding supported

Petoi Coding Blocks (Scratch-like block-based programming)

C++ via Arduino IDE

Python via OpenCat Python API for sending serial commands


Official Android / iOS apps for configuring and remote-controlling

Petoi Desktop App for configuring and visually building robotics skills

Assembly time 1 hour 4 hour
Dimensions 200 x 110 x 110mm(7.9 x 4.3 x 4.3inch) 250 x 107 x 140mm(10 x 4.2 x 5.5inch)
Weight 290g(10.2oz) 320g(11.2oz)
Number of joints 9 11
Frame material Durable, high-impact injection-molding material Wood

Black + Yellow

Black + Yellow + Blue

Black + Yellow+ Blue + Red

Controller Controller board Arduino Uno NyBoard or ESP32 BiBoard Arduino Uno NyBoard
Built-in connectivity & features

Serial UART

I2C network

Infrared receiver


Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity Official dongles for NyBoard or built-in support via BiBoard Official dongles
Raspberry Pi support Yes
Servo Servo P1S metal servo or P1L plastic servo DS031 metal servo
Quantities in pack 10 11
Max voltage 8.4V
Wall Material Plastic
Gear Alloy
Motor Coreless
Battery Battery Type Li-ion battery pack
Battery included Yes
Capacity Typ. 7.4V 1000mAh
Current typ./max. 2A/5A
Battery life 70 mins
Charger USB 5V 1A
Charge time 2 hours
Charger cable Regular micro USB
Charger Not included.  But a regular USB charger works.