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Petoi Robot Dog Bittle

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Brett Beers
A very big Thank You

A very big Thank You to All of the Petoi Team Members for their hard work and due diligence on this interesting plus great looking project!
My Bittle Research Pack arrived safely at my door step today. I’m definitely looking forward to the fun and challenge of the build and programming.
Thanks again for all of your time!

Leon Lüthi
Amazing product!

Bittle arrived today and I'm very happy! Already assembled and played with it :)
Next step is to code something with Bittle's interface (REST).
Thank you a lot for such an amazing product! Incredible! :D

wang haozhou
Très bon jouet pour les petits

Si vous avez un enfant qui s'intéresse à l'informatique ou robotique, je pense que Petoi est un très bon choix. Vous allez voir, votre enfant l'aimera.


I bought this for my son’s birthday in an attempt to get him something different that he hadn’t seen before. He is totally tech obsessed and was thrilled to have his very own little robot, Bittle Dog. I know he’ll have hours of fun getting his Bittle moving around and performing tricks in no time. Great present! Very easy to set up & literally hours of fun already!

Jerry Fleming
Fun, intelligent, and inspiring

Driven by extensible, modularised, and programmable NyBoard, the bittle dog is an absolute intelligent and inspiring toy, especially if you have a little STEM/STEAM background. With builtin bluetooth and USB modules, and a remote, you can interact with your dog in a flexible way, which opens unlimited potential where you can teach your dog your own tricks. Even for a layman with completely no DIY experience, it is still a great and rather addictive toy. Though you'd better order a pre-assembled one in that case.

For the pre-assembled package I ordered, the dog comes with a spare "shoe" and a motion motor, and a few accessories, including the USB/bluetooth modules. I also ordered a camera module which is not part of a standard package. I think the camera module should be made to fit in the head and peers though the eyes, which makes it more real.

Functional wise, the dog does not do much in its default configuration. But since it's programmable, it is just what lots of us desire it to be, isn't it? So we have a place to make our own dog actions. By the way, programming this dog is never anything complicated -- in my case it is just a few commands typed on my phone.