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Mar 27

A lot of doubts!


Hi all!


First! I'm no English and I trying to explain myself the best that I can do! If you see some strange sentence... well THIS is the problem!


I'm interested in this robo-cat! But I have some doubts about this product!

1. Do you accept "buy's"? I see this page for buy the cat! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/nybble-world-s-cutest-open-source-robotic-kitten

2. What is the lenguaje for program (code? Develop? You know) the functions of the cat?

3. The sell-site says that if I buy it now, the cat arrive in June… Is not possible to accelerate it?



1. Yes, it's the current buying page.

2. The coding language is C++ in Arduino IDE.

3. The shipping date depends on the lead time of suppliers. I have to wait until all parts arrive then start to package them.

Also! I see that:


Crowdfunding is not shopping. Your donation is a way to support a project but does not guarantee that you will receive a perk.

You may request a full refund from Indiegogo until April 6, 2019.

Any refunds after this date are the responsibility of the campaign owner, Rongzhong Li, at their discretion.


More explanation about it??


PD: The pack "Nybble Kit InDemand" have the skeleton and the computer (rasperry?) right?

Crowdfunding is pre-sale to customers directly who has faith in a new project. Usually the project is at an early stage and doesn't have the resources for marketing and manufacturing. It will take time for the campaigner (me) to collect the fund, buy supplies and send out the products. Suppliers have their own scheduling while the fund was sent to me every month. That's one reason of the long lead time. I always issue refunds even if it's over the warranty of Indiegogo.


"Nybble Kit InDemand" has the wooden skeleton, accessories, and the controller NyBoard, for basic movements. Raspberry Pi is for advanced users to hack with and is not included.

May 30Edited: May 30

Crowdfunding is always a risk for funders (as on every kind of financial business support, - ask shareholders). But in case of Rongzhong Li all supportes found a trustworthy and reliable person.


So - "Thank you Rongzhong, for making this crowdfunding a success! Very good job."


I personally made really worse experiences in past - but you need to stay confident.


See: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/crowdfunding-und-seine-risiken-boris-j%25C3%25BClich

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