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Jul 13

Bad behaviour with calibration


I'm trying to get Nybble calibrated but I'm seeing very erratic behaviour when I enter commands like s for save or d for rest. Repeating the calibration procedure sends the joints in wild directions. Something is seriously wrong. I have determined which nybble joints respond to which c-commands. I have connected the various Nybble joints to the PWM pins on my V0_2 board as follows: Joint # 0 1 2 ---------8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

PWM pin 7 0 8 5 2 1 10 4 3 12 11

c-cmnd 12 13 15 4 5 6 7 0 1 3 2

Is this right?

No, you just need to use the first two diagrams in section 5.1 for calibration.

The virtual pin mapping of the next two tables are handled automatically. You just need to change the board version to V0_2 in Instinct.h.

Jul 14

I don't understand. How does virtual pin mapping affect where the servos get plugged in? My joint assignments above look the same as the encoding array at the end of section 5.1. I notice the pins on the V0_2 board are positioned differently than on the V0_1 board. I'm connecting the servo #0 to V0_2 board pin # 7 although that position on V0_1 is labeled #4. Is this the problem? My instinct.h has already been changed to board V0_2.

Jul 15

I finally realized what I'm doing wrong. I'm slavishly assigning the same PWM pin assignments from V0_1 to the board V0_2. I should be assigning the same board POSITION to the servo connections. Although joint 13 goes to pin 3 on V0_1, and pin 3 on V0_2 is only a centimeter away, it is better for the wiring if joint 13 is attached to pin 0 on V0_2 which is in the same position on the board.

Yes, you should "assigning the same board POSITION to the servo connections".

Since you understand the pin mapping now, you can customize it as you wish. Congrats!

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