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Sep 30

Wéiqí 圍棋 排子



Do we have a team?


I like to play on GoQuest as quixote,

are there other players here?


in Japan 囲碁 Go or igo


in Korea 바둑 baduk

I think it's most popular in Asian culture. Where are you from? Unfortuantely I don't play Go, chess or 象棋.

A guy watched two old men playing chess and when they finished the wooden handle of his axe is already rotten.

Oct 17Edited: Oct 17

the game Go or Wéiqí is also referred to as Ranka, in respect of this story:


I was wondering had you despatched the September cohort?

or are the 70 year celebrations ongoing?




Yes, I have. I’m waiting for the carrier’s system to register the tracking before sending out the notification.

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