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Learn and extend Nybble's functionalities with customized designs!

4 days ago

Warning: If you are going to stick with the metal servos included in Nybble kit, this reconfiguration will usually improve the servos' stability. If you are going to use plastic servos, DO NOT try it
May 11

Brushed DC motors are widely used in many applications, including the servo motors on Nybble. They are simple in structure but also have weak points that would fail most frequently. The brushes are
Sep 13

`I plugged in the red FTDI chip into my NyBoard 2.0 and then plugged it in via micro usb to my computer, Rx and Tx blinked for a second and power remained lit, but then I heard a high pitched squealin
Aug 11

I have been struggling with getting predictable and smooth operation from the servos and following some calculations, wonder if my problems are because of the choice of 14500 battery in Nybble_v0.2.
Jul 30

Hello friends, I invite you to share your experience with the batteries that you were able to test on Nybble. Thank you so much.
May 30

Hi - ultrasonic sensors are not yet implemented in program. Is there an update to come in future?
May 14

In the Google doc with instructions, there's just photos of the body, not instructions on how to assemble. Has anyone got details on how to do it?
Aug 17

The purpose of this guide is to help people in setting up their Raspberry Pi - NyboardV0 as a stand-alone unit for programming and controlling Nybble. With the described steps you will end up with a s
2 days ago

Li-po batteries are very good to supply large current. I just tested "Tenergy 7.4V 900mAh, 25C High Power Lipo Pack" on Nybble. It seems that with its super power, the protection in NyBoard's step
Aug 26

Hello everyone, Could you explain to me how and with what to bend the pins of the infrared receiver and the FTDI port? I do not dare to force the hand lest the card breaks, these pins look very har
Aug 6

I want to be able to read the voltage of both the battery pack and the 5V being delivered to the Raspberry PI. In Nybble.ino at about line 432 is the following code. Nybble reads Analogue port A0 (B
Jul 26

While inserting the Nyboard, the little jumper fell off SW3. Can you tell me which two pins it is supposed to be on? For now, I just have the Nyboard without a Pi.
May 28

Hello, If I understand correctly (please correct me if I am wrong) Nybble is equipped with a base card. Is the "MyBoard" card additional or does it replace the Nybble card? Thank you for your expla
Feb 5

It's probably in the documentation somewhere but could you save some searching and outline the specs on the nyboard for driving motors? i.e. how many motors can be controlled? are they all pwm? how mu
Jun 10

Back in February I wanted to teach Nybble some tricks on the high bar. It would involve intense experimenting and debugging in the air so I'd prefer program Nybble wirelessly. I knew it's doable to co
7 days ago

Hi! Love this project and am getting close to getting this ready to load software & power up. Some questions: When I connect my NyBoard (v.2) on top of the the y1Pi arms, as shown in the animations, o
Aug 13

On the diagram in the assembly instructions it mentions servos with indexes 4-6 but they arent on the diagram, where are they and what is supposed to plug in there?
Jul 31

I'm working on creating a small PCB that would avoid welding on the Ultasonic module. I chose a CMS resistance for space saving. Feel free to give me your opinions, ideas and suggestions !
Jun 6

Has anyone tried mounting a Raspberry Pi compatible camera on Nybble's head? Replacing the ultrasonic sensor with the camera would give Nybble a one-eyed look and the distance sensor could still be us
May 22

One backer asked the following question: "I noticed there’s an RGB LED that’s an optional indicator for the HC-SR04 board. I like the physical design of the addition but I’m curious about the single r