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Nov 3

Dear Sir, I followed your development steps and wanted congrats for your works and sharing’s. When you published the repository about CatMini I decided to test and made my own 3D printed frame and
Aug 19

my cat my cat, my board and your software the result is this wonderful robotcat.
Jul 10

My OpenCat assembly in a Lego chassis. This was a tough one, using Microbit Servos, which are quite weak (500g/qm), and also that Lego cannot hold stronger forces, without extra support, it can still
Oct 13

Hey Comrades, So I figured out how to use GoPro with OpenCV. Now my plan is to put the GoPro on the Cat and make it do stuff. However, I can't figure out how to put it properly. In the video below
Aug 6

She is so intelligent, now she listens to to spoken commands! commands!
Jun 19

Hello, my friends, Would you care to comment on my puppy’s head? Maybe it could be part of the Nibble family and be produced in the future?
Oct 4

Hey comrades, So you ever wanted to control your cat like a puppet? Well I developed something that might be of some interest to you. Right now I am tracing my fingers and measuring the angle with re
Jul 11

Thanks RZ.LI
Jun 3

Hi Li, I give her 7 Voltes now and she behaves now (most of the time). Probably some electronic part is light sensitive as I have the impression she works better at night. I think she could move more