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Nov 2

Spring by VersatileRobot



Dear Sir,


I followed your development steps and wanted congrats for your works and sharing’s. When you published the repository about CatMini I decided to test and made my own 3D printed frame and electronics because the biomimetics of cat appeared to me a good model too. Here is a short video of my version “Spring”, hope you will enjoy.

My hobby is also link to robotic applications and I did some robots of my own mainly focusing on alternative way of moving / interacting https://www.facebook.com/versatilerobot and try to share this passion to young's by involve into a robotic French association "Caliban" https://www.facebook.com/AssoCaliban/

I look forward seeing your next developments

Best regards,




Hi, Congrats on your build!

I didn't expect a square head can be so cute. It's like a model jumping out from MineCraft. It's also smart to add springs on the feet to achieve similar shock absorption effect. I'm going to share it on my Twitter. 😆

Yes indeed there is some problem with the shape of the ultrasonic ranger SR04 when you want hide the electronics.. I had to deal with this constraint and it made the head more square . Thus i worked on the design to make it more cute. It is printed in SLS. Thank you for your kind words ;-)


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