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Why should you choose Petoi robot cat Nybble as the most unique gift over other educational toys or robots?

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Play with Nybble for Fun

With the remote control or the free Petoi mobile app, kids can easily control the realistic robot cat and issue pre-built commands such as pushup, say-hi or even do simple programming via custom commands.


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Kids love to build his/her own robot cat

Kids love to build things.   It'd be so satisfying for them to bring robot pets to life by assembling with wooden parts and remote-control them with a mobile app and customized commands.

The adventurous children can even paint different colors or attach new 3D-printed parts to give his/her robot pets a new look.


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Learn coding & robotics to program Nybble for fun

Nybble is an open source programmable robot cat that can be prgorammed to do lifelike movements and behaviors in C++ & Python.


Gift robot cat Nybble
to young coders and engineers