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Bittle Robot Dog AWS IoT Showcase at Latency Conference 2023 - Perth, Australia

A summary from Jen O'Hehir, the Senior Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS):

Latency Conference is a cloud-agnostic community event designed for progressive IT leaders, developers, testers, and product owners. The conference is dedicated to exploring the cultural values, tools, and teams required for building and operating products in the cloud. This year we saw over 500 attendees come together for 2 days for an in-person event to celebrate the incredible things being done in our local tech community.

Each year AWS sponsors this event and runs a booth where tech folk can come and talk with us about their goals and get some guidance. This year we also ran a demonstration stand with an IoT Stack including a Petoi Robot Dog Bittle and an M5 Stick with an Air Quality Sensor.

AWS Doggos

This demonstration was based on the IoT Puppy Park Workshop using Petoi Bittle robot dog and had extensions using IoT Event Rules into Amazon IoT Sitewise and Amazon Managed Grafana, alerting and a dashboard of the air quality metrics and battery levels.

AWS Doggos

The demonstration proved the secure, low latency flow of information up to the cloud as well as commands from a hosted application back to the Robot dogs using AWS IoT services. Conference attendees enjoyed having a go commanding the dogs to do actions as well as triggering the low air quality alert with the dogs warning them of danger.


AWS Doggos



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