Open Source, Programmable Robot Dog Bittle

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The world's First Palm-sized, Servo-activated Quadruped Robot Dog


200 x 110 x 110mm(7.9 x 4.3 x 4.3inch)


265g(9.3oz)to 290g(10.22oz)

The Feature-rich Programmable Robot Dog Everyone Wants to Own

The hardware components used to enable Bittle's lifelike legged movements

  • Wireless Dongle

    Support Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Battery

    A Li-ion battery pack for about one hour of continuous walking

  • Board

    Bittle is powered by NyBoard V1, a customized Arduino board with an Uno chip. It supports balancing and detecting body status (orientation and acceleration), infrared, serial communication and Raspberry Pi

  • Servo motor
    • a controllable angle of 270 degrees
    • eight servos to actuate Bittle's walking joins, another one for head panning.
  • Puzzle-like Body Frame
    • interlocking frame as a 3D puzzle with very few screws involved
    • on average, it takes about one hour to finish the assembly
wireless-dongle battery board servo-motor puzzle-like-body-frame
  • Wireless Dongle

    Support Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity

  • Battery
  • Board
  • Servo motor
  • Puzzle-like Body Frame

Enjoy the “puzzle” time no matter your age

Teach Your Robot Dog New Skills

Petoi Desktop App - easy to design quadruped robot skills, upgrade firmware, calibrate robot joints for balancing

Program Your Robot Dog to Do Tricks

C++ Programming in Arduino IDE, Python API sending serial commands, drag & drop Scratch-like programming with Petoi Coding Blocks

Learn Coding With Free STEM Curriculum

New curriculum in June: Introduction to quadruped robotics programming using Petoi Coding Blocks
A free project-based C++ quadruped robotics curriculum using Arduino IDE

Develop Quadruped Robot Applications & Conduct Artificial Intelligence Research

The intelligent camera module is an optional accessory

Integrate with Open Source Hardware Module Ecosystem

Attach an optional Raspberry Pi for additional processing power and Arduino compatible modules for extensions

Hack Your Own Quadruped Pet with OpenCat

Join the Community at Petoi

Bittle is backed by the OpenCat open source community on Github. We have a support forum at for discussions.

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Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

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