the Open Source Quadruped Robotic Pet Framework

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Dream of building your own robot pets?

Countless efforts have been made to develop robots that look and behave like real pets, human's best friends. Yet quadruped robotic systems have been very complex and take a big upfront capital and lots of expertise to start. It was too difficult for individuals to get a dynamic walking robot in their hands.


OpenCat as the Solution

Goal: to easily build and develop quadruped robot kits by greatly lowering the cost and technical barriers 



  • use hobbyist high-performance servos as the joints
  • arrange servos in an optimized body frame
  • use low-cost popular hardware as the controller (Arduino, ESP32 or Raspberry Pi, etc.) to support add-on modules such as smart camera module, IoT sensors, and voice command modules
  • efficient and open source control codes for vivid motion tasks

OpenCat-based Commercial Robot Pets Shipped


Countries of Users


DIY Robot Pets from Our Users

commercial robots

Commercial Robots Powered by OpenCat

OpenCat has been deployed on Petoi's mass-produced palm-sized, realistic lifelike robot cat Nybble and robot dog Bittle that can run, walk, and self-balance like a real animal. We've successfully crowdfunded these two open source robot building kits and brought them to thousands of users from 60+ countries.

DIY Robots Based on OpenCat

Many DIY versions of OpenCat-based quadruped robots have been developed in the worldwide community.

Dream of building your own robot pets?

Why Do We Share via Open Source?

  • to foster collaboration in the robotic motion, IoT(Internet of Things), and AI development of affordable quadruped robots with more users and developers
  • to bring STEM & robotics educational resources and curricular to the mass and inspire engineering and computer science students, adults, teens, and kids of all ages
  •  to join the robotic AI and IoT revolution to modulate the functionalities of a complex system


How OpenCat Started

People have been amazed by the versatility of Boston Dynamics Dogs since their viral demo in 2015. In 2016, Petoi's founder & CEO Rongzhong Li started the OpenCat project with robotic pet prototypes in his dorm room. After one year of R&D, he founded Petoi LLC and devoted all his resources to build and manufactured smart bionic four-legged open source robot building kits.

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