About Us

Our mission

Provide affordable and interactive lifelike quadruped robots to the mass market to enable different applications

Our vision

To become the worldwide leader in personal companion robots to improve human well beings


Our story

Petoi is the maker of futuristic bionic robot pets for adults and kids.  The robots are high-performance, remote/app controlled, and highly programmable.  The robotics kits are built on top of Arduino and can be extended with popular open source hardwares such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino modules.

Petoi is also the creator of OpenCat, a popular open-source quadruped(four legged) robot platform.

We started as OpenCat, the founder Rongzhong Li's viral open-source robotic pet project in 2016. The project eventually had a successful crowdfunding campaign for its first product robot cat Nybble on Indiegogo in 2018 and the product delivery in 2019. In Oct 2020, Petoi's second product robot dog Bittle successfully raised $567k on Kickstarter and has started the shipment in Dec 2020.  We fulfilled all orders in the 2021 summer.

So far, we have shipped 10k+ robots worldwide, a phenomenon number in the quadruped robot category.

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Meet the Team

Rongzhong Li

Rongzhong Li


Rz is a maker, photographer, poet, and interdisciplinary explorer. 
He was previously an educator at Wake Forest University. ​ 
He got his physics PhD and computer science master from Wake Forest University, BS degree in Physics from Nanjing University.  

Kai Mai


Kai has over 20 years of product management/development and engineering experience across the USA and China.
He was the VP of Engineering at ALO7, the largest digital English Language Teaching product and solutions provider in China with more than 10M registered users and more than 2,000 training school partners.
He has a BS degree in EECS(Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) from UC Berkeley and an MS degree in Software Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University.