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Welcome Educators!  Enhance your teaching toolkit with Petoi's cutting-edge robotics solutions designed to inspire and educate students in STEM and robotics. Our recommended products are the Bittle X robot dog and the Sensor Pack, perfect for hands-on robotics learning and exploration.

Product Recommendations

Bittle X Robot Dog + Sensor Pack

Why Bittle X?

  • Innovative Learning: Bittle X is a bionic robot dog that introduces students to robotics and programming. 
  • Engaging & Interactive: With its lifelike dog movements and responsiveness, Bittle X captivates students' interest. Versatile &
  • Expandable: Easily integrates with additional sensors and packs, offering endless learning opportunities. 

Why the Sensor Pack?

  • Enhanced Capabilities: Includes 5 sensors to expand Bittle X's functionality and introduces students to IoT(Internet of Things) sensor programming.
  • Hands-On Experiments: Enables a wide range of experiments, helping students understand complex real world environments through practical robotics sensing applications. STEM
  • Integration: Perfect for lessons in physics, computer science, and engineering to deal with the physical world.

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