Introducing 'Bittle'
- the Perfect STEM/Robotics Companion Robot Dog
for Schools and Universities

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To Empower Your Students to Learn STEM & Robotics

Revolutionize STEM Education with Petoi: 
The Programmable Robot Pets for Schools and Universities

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Students learn to build and program open source robot dog Bittle

You may have seen many robots.  But with Bittle the palm-sized robot dog, students can bring it life by assembling with lego-like parts, remote-control them with a mobile app and customized commands, program lifelike moves and robotics skills in C++/Python.


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Great programming & tooling support

  • Petoi Desktop App -- Easy to design robot skills, upgrade firmware, calibrate robot joints for balancing
  • C++ Programming in Arduino IDE
  • Python API sending serial commands
  • Drag & drop Scratch-like programming in CodeCraft


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Free quadruped robotics curriculum

Petoi offers a quadruped robotics project-based learning (PBL) curriculum in C++.

  • It uses Arduino as the coding environment and Petoi's robot dog Bittle as the hardware platform.
  • In the 16 lessons, the students will learn the course material and team up with their classmates to explore creative projects.
  • The lesson plans and the students’ workbooks are provided to teachers. 

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Develop more applications with Arduino, Raspberry Pi & sensors

Attach an optional Raspberry Pi or other 3rd party modules for endless possibilities of coding a quadruped robot pet. 
Robotics applicaton examples include: 
  • enable interaction with humans or pets through  addtional modules of gesture, voice or vision recognitions
  • develop new quadruped motions
  • navigation and pathfinding with cost-effective sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms


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To Empower Your Students to Learn STEM & Robotics