Introducing Bittle Robot Dog Family
- the Perfect STEM/Robotics Companion
Robot Dog Kits
for Schools and Universities

Revolutionize STEM Education with Petoi: 
The Programmable Robot Pets for Schools and Universities

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Students learn to build and program open source robot dog Bittles

You may have seen many robots.  But with the open source robot dog kits from Bittle Family, students in k12 and colleges can bring it life by assembling with lego-like parts, remote-control them with a mobile app and customized commands, and program lifelike moves and robotics skills in Scratch/C++/Python.


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Great programming & tooling support

  • Petoi Desktop App -- Easy to design robot skills, upgrade firmware, calibrate robot joints for balancing
  • C++ Programming in Arduino IDE
  • Python API sending serial commands
  • Drag & drop Scratch-like programming with Petoi Coding Blocks for kids, teenagers and beginners
  • Programmable voice commands for Bittle X or via the optional voice command module for Bittle STEM Kit & Robotics Kit


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Free quadruped robotics curriculums

Petoi offers quadruped robotics project-based learning (PBL) curriculums

  • The curriculums use Arduino C++ or Scratch-like drag & drop prgramming enviroment Petoi Coding Blocks as the coding environments and Petoi's robot dog Bittle STEM Kit/Robotics Kit/Bittle X as the hardware platform.
  • Students will learn basic programming cocepts and robotics programming, and team up with their classmates to explore creative projects.
  • The lesson plans and the students’ workbooks are provided to teachers. 

Learn more about C++ curriculum and block-based coding curriculum.


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Develop applications with Arduino, Raspberry Pi & sensors

Attach an IoT(Internet of Things) sensor from Petoi Sensor Pack, an optional Raspberry Pi or other 3rd party modules for endless possibilities of coding a quadruped robot pet. 
Robotics application examples include: 
  • enable interaction with humans or pets through  addtional modules of gesture, voice or vision recognitions
  • develop new quadruped motions
  • navigation and pathfinding with cost-effective sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms


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