Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Quadruped Robot Kit Hardware

Where can I find instructions, manuals and documentation?

Please check our documentation site.

Where can I find more info about NyBoard?

Please visit the NyBoard documentation page.

What are the supporting modules?

Bittle robot dog supports a few modules such as sound sensor, light sensor, touch sensor, camera module. You can connect common modules using the 2.54mm connectors on NyBoard V1.
Although Nybble robot cat uses the same board NyBoard V1 as Bittle uses, there’s no easy way to mount the modules.

What connection methods do Petoi robots support?

  • wired serial connection via USB programmer
  • bluetooth dongle
  • WiFi dongle

Where can I find documentation for the intelligent camera module?

Do your robots support voice-based input?

If you equip them with a sound module, they can be programmed to do voice recognition and act on voice commands accordingly.

What single board computers do your legged robots support?

  • Our open source quadruped robots support communication with an optional micro-controller/computer(such as Raspberry Pi, Nvidia Jetson Nano, micro:bit) through wired or wireless connections. The control structure of both the wired and wireless connections is based on serial UART..
  • Both Nybble and Bittle support connecting to a Raspberry Pi directly (Bittle will prefer smaller Pi models like Pi 3A+ and Pi Zero). You may need to 3D print extra support structures for your project. Here's the 3D-printed Pi-support for Bittle.
  • All of our robots run on NyBoard which can power the Pi and communicate with the Pi through the serial port in the 2x5 socket. A basic communication Python module and sample codes are included in OpenCat/SerilaMaster.
  • For other Pi models and MicroBit, they can be wired to the robot but have some geometric constraints.
  • Jetson Nano is too big for the robots so only the wireless connection is recommended.

What are the differences between your robots?

Please check Petoi open source quadruped robot comparison page.

Do you provide warranty?

Yes, please check the warranty policy .

Quadruped Robot Kit Software & Demo Codes

What programming languages and software/app do your robots support?

Coding can be done in C-style language, Python & Scratch-like drag web interface. Robots can be controlled by apps.
Please see here for more details.

Where are your open-source codes?

Please check out our Github repository.

Where can I see more demos of your robots?

Our Instagram and YouTube channels have a lot of videos.  Our Twitter feed has retweeted video demos from our users.  Our forum also has showcases from our users.  

How can I teach robots to do new tricks?