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With NyBoard, an Arduino compatible motion controller, you can use it for Arduno and IoT programming, and design whatever robotic animal or creature you like.   Learn from OpenCat, connect the board, and create your own robot pets!


  • drive at least 12 PWM servos
  • an IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is used for detecting body status (orientation and acceleration) to balance
  • Infrared
  • four sockets  for external Arduino modules.
  • Raspberry Pi support - the board also provides a 2×5 socket on NyBoard V1 for mounting Raspberry Pi.   The Pi gives Bittle the ability to analyze more sensory data, get connected to the Internet, and make decisions by itself. The board best fits Pi Zero and Pi 3A+. For larger Pi models, you will need to tilt the Pi and 3D print some supporting structures.
  • Possible connectivity support
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi

Example applications

  • Petoi's robot dog Bittle fully utilized NyBoard to coordinate sophisticated motions


Controller board NyBoard V1
External EEPROM 64Kbit
IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) 6-Axis MPU6050
PWM channels 16(driving up to 16 PWM servos)
Grove 4
RGB LED (NeoPixel) 7
Built-in connectivity & features serial UART, I2C network, infrared receiver, buzzer
Bluetooth/WiFi connectivity Official dongles
Raspberry Pi support via a built-in 2x5 socket