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Petoi Coding Blocks Released for Block-based Scratch Programming Support

Petoi is excited to announce the release of Petoi Coding Blocks, a new way to program Petoi robots. Petoi Coding Blocks is a drag-and-drop programming environment similar to MIT Scratch, making it easy for kids, teens and adults of all ages to learn how to code.

Petoi Coding Blocks Scratch programming interface


Petoi Coding Blocks supports Mac, Windows, and Linux, so you can use it on any computer. It also supports all Petoi quadruped robots running on OpenCat 2.0, including the Bittle, Nybble, and Mini.

With Petoi Coding Blocks, you can create all sorts of amazing things with your Petoi robot. You can program it to walk, run, jump, and do pushups. You can also program it to do tricks, like play dead or roll over.

Petoi Coding Blocks also generates Python codes so you can easily learn how to program in Python. This is a great way to learn more about computer science and robotics.

In case you wonder how Petoi Coding Blocks is different from the other block-based programming environment Tinkergen:

Petoi Coding Blocks Codecraft by Tinkergen
OpenCat support compatible with OpenCat 2.0 and all Petoi robot pets only compatible with Bittle running on OpenCat 1.0 which is no longer updated
Connection type wired and Bluetooth connection wired connection
Underling code implementation generation it uses the Python API and can generate Python codes that students can study it uses the C++ API and can generate C++ codes that students can study
Free quadruped robotics curriculum available available


We'd love to see what you create using Petoi Coding Blocks with Petoi Scratch programming robots such as quadruped robot dog Bittle and quadruped robot cat Nybble


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