Petoi Robotics Education Best Practices with University of Colorado Boulder Summer Robotics/STEM Camp

On Oct 6th, Petoi hosted a virtual session on robotics education best practices. Wayne Seltzer, an esteemed teacher from the University of Colorado Boulder, Petoi founder & CEO Rongzhong Li.  and a group of STEM/robotics educator joined the conversion.  



Wayne shared his valuable insights and experiences in utilizing Petoi's Bittle robot dogs for Explore Computer Science and Robotics STEM Academy(Grades 9-12) by Colorado University Boulder and designing the course:

  • Each student assembled and configured his/her Bittle because the class had an emphasis on hands-on physical computing.   Each student took Bittle home after the camp was finished as the camp fees covered Bittle's cost.
  • Students engaged with Bittle more than other forms of robots because Bittle is in a dog form.  Natively, students knew about dog movement and liked to emulate those movements on Bittle. 
  • Students liked to use the Skill Composer to create new skills.
  • The class used Petoi Coding Blocks for the coding part.  Petoi Coding Blocks automatically generate Python codes, so it's easier to explain things both in terms of Block-based and Python coding.
  • Students seemed to be more willing to share their own recordings on social media than being filmed by the camp.
  • Students were encouraged to take Bittle home and do more tinkering by themselves every night.
  • Because Bittle supports NyBoard which is Arduino compatible, he would have been able to do some classes on IoT if the camp wasn't just one week long.

Rongzhong shared a few updates to Petoi's C++ and Petoi Coding Blocks curricula and how he taught undergraduate students with Bittle at university robotics camps.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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