Rhodes Robot Ball Featuring Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

Rhodes Robot Ball is an annual celebration of robotics presented by City of Canada Bay Libraries in New South Wales, Australia.  The event took place on Friday, June 16.

Petoi Bittle robot dog robotics kit was one of the featured robots to interact with kids, teens, and adults.


Notes from the even organizer:

"We loved having our pet robotic dog Bittle at the Ball for families to discover and explore some of the latest additions in robotic technologies. Our community group, Tech Shed, assembled, engineered, and coded Bittle from scratch and showcased its possibilities. Bittle provided a great learning and sharing experience for both kids and adults!"

Petoi Bittle Robot Dog

Andrew from Tech Shed led the project and tinkered its AI functionality to recognise visual and audio commands. He said “Having Bittle at Rhodes Robot Ball was wonderful. It gave a lot of smiles to the children, and it was great seeing them interact with their parents who were also interested in what a robotic future might look like.”

Petoi Bittle Robot Dog
Learn more about Petoi Bittle open source programmable robotics dogs now.


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