Highlights from 0110 Asia Techland featuring Borot & Petoi Bittle

Most recently, Petoi Bittle turned a lot of heads at the "0110 Asia Techland 2023- Bring the Future" robotics event held between May 25th and 28th at The Royal Paragon Hall In Bangkok, Thailand.

Representing Petoi at 0110 Asia Techland, were our very own partners from the region: Borot. Below is a picture of their setup at the event. Along with the products and Petoi's Robotics kits, you can also see a glimpse of some robotics education resources on the booth!

Borot booth showcasing Petoi products at the 0110 Techland Asia event

Curious onlookers attending the robotics event expressed awe and were quick to pull out their smartphone cameras as they witnessed the tiny Bittle Robotic Dog (in yellow & black) showcase its skills as it rubbed shoulders with larger quadrupeds.
In the video below, as you may see, our small Bittle robotic dog was a star attraction and put on quite a show! 

Dazzling event attendees with its fluid flexibility, smooth movement, and personality, The Bittle was seen waving, backflipping and front flipping for the expressive audience as they laughed and cheered along! Although the Bittle is only palm-sized, its ultra-realistic movements coupled with natural maneuverability, drew a great reaction from the crowds!

What makes the Bittle so much more than just an attractive robot toy is its depth and ability to be programmed. With little or no STEM coding education, users can follow a tutorial to completely set up their Petoi robots!

This makes the lucrative range of Petoi's products, a simple, easy and fun entry point into the world of robotics education.
When we spoke with the team at Borot, they mentioned that people's response was overwhelmingly positive and many expressed their admiration for Bittle's capabilities!

Petoi is grateful to be a part of the event and especially thankful to the amazing team at Borot for this opportunity!

Are you fascinated by the world of robotics and robotics education?  STEM coding education can be made simple by learning about Petoi's coding blocks. Following an easy, free-to-download, Scratch-like curriculum, you can learn how to program Petoi's robots with simple block-based programming with Mind+.  Here's a playlist that shows you how.

Are you interested in learning how Petoi's robotic kits are mesmerizing students worldwide?
Take a look at how Petoi is shaping the future of Robotics at Syracuse University.

Petoi Robots product page



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