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AWS IoT Robot Fleet Open Source Demo with Petoi Bittle

Open-source robotics

At the world's premier energy conference CERAWeek, Kevon Mayers, Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services (AWS), showcased a demo he's been working on over the last month or so around IoT connected robot dog Bittle and how they can be used to improve worker safety:

"They are all able to be controlled via an AWS Amplify web application that I built, and can respond to events from an air quality wearable sensor that my coworker Constantine V. developed. They also have the ability to be controlled via Amazon Alexa voice commands, developed by another of my coworkers, Prathyusha Nandam ! The solution is fully deployable with a custom HashiCorp Terraform module I wrote. " 

Petoi Bittle Robotics Kit

Kevon Mayers and his colleague Constantine Vavourakis have open sourced their work as IoT Puppy Park: Connected Worker Safety with Terraform, a guided example of how you can leverage AWS IoT Core, AWS Amplify, Terraform, and robotics to improve worker safety:

"In this workshop, you build a solution to help improve worker safety by leveraging AWS IoT, and robotics. The solution will include an AWS Amplify App that allows you to issue commands to each robot, as well as an entire fleet of robots. The solution will also include connectivity with an air quality sensor to track simulated toxins. To streamline deployment and management, all of this will be able to be deployed by leveraging Terraform."

Even though Petoi Bittle is a small robot dog that may not be conceived as an industrial robot for IoT automation, this AWS IoT demo has received a lot of positive feedback from industry players looking for affordable quadruped robots that can go into small spaces where big robot dogs such as Boston Dynamic Spot Mini robot dogs can't go.  AI models can also be deployed on Bittle to navigate and sense without human intervention.

With the affordable price and camera and sensor support via Ardunio and RaspBerry Pi, Petoi Bittle open source robot dogs are great robotics kits for IoT automation prototyping and deployment with many different industrial robotics use cases.


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What an amazing application of the technology! Small, inexpensive, open architecture platforms such as this could be a game changer in many fields. A fleet of these could literally run laps around larger quadruped robots, at a fraction of the cost.

Craig Jones

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