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Robot dog Bittle Kickstarter campaign update: missing pieces, and the shipping schedule

Dear backers,

I'm a little anxious on the last night of 2020, waiting for the last pieces of robot dog Bittles. The good news is that we are very close to shipping them! I'm sharing the details about our schedule to get your orders delivered as soon as possible.

We have finished assembling 1750 sets of Bittle bodies and 600 sets of Bittle legs. For unassembled kits, we have sorted all the color themes into separate plates. 

Now we are waiting for the servos and some sensors for the final assembling and packaging. The servos got delayed because the motor manufacturer changed a subtle dimension, but it happened to interfere with our gear set. We asked them to correct the size and conducted another cycle of press test. They will start to deliver 3000 motors to our servo factory on a daily basis after the New Year's holiday. 

As the servo factory puts the motors together, we will package Bittles at the same time. Considering the various combos of your order, we will first ship unassembled Bittle kits without add-ons. The first batch may take one week. The second batch will be unassembled Bittles with add-ons. In the meanwhile, we will build 1000 assembled Bittles and sort the coming sensor packs. Depending on the progress, we will send as many as we produce every day.

We have received enough new NyBoards and modules, tested their quality, and resumed the shipping of Nybble kits. With some stocked samples, we continued optimizing the production workflow and software. In the last round of pilot production, we made 50 Bittles with two people in three days. We will request more labor from the factory after the servos arrive.

I generalized the data structure and algorithm for both Nybble and Bittle and made it easier to edit customized behaviors.

I also prepared some demo codes for the add-on modules. We will release the new codes on GitHub before Bittle's delivery.

As the Chinese New Year approaching, all the manufacturers are working days and nights to finish overdue orders before the annual holiday. We are pushing them every day to get things to move faster. Our goal is to have all current orders shipped before Feb.10th. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

We have experienced so much and achieved a lot in 2020. I hope everyone can have a fresh reboot in 2021. Happy New Year!


Rz and the Petoi Team



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