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Petoi Robot Dog, Bittle Deployed at Syracuse University STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop in Summer 2022

In the summer of 2022, the Dynamic Locomotion and Robotics Lab at Syracuse University collaborated with Technology Alliance of Central New York (TACNY) to host the inaugural STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop, a thrilling event aimed at inspiring young minds in the field of robotics. One of the highlights of the workshop was the deployment of Petoi's remarkable robot dog, Bittle. This advanced robotic companion captured the attention and imagination of the participants, offering a unique and interactive learning experience.


Robotics Education


The STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop was an initiative designed to introduce incoming 6th-9th grades middle school students to the exciting world of robotics and foster their interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) fields. The workshop featured a range of hands-on activities and educational sessions that allowed participants to explore the principles of robotics, coding, and engineering.

At the heart of the workshop was Petoi's bionic robot dogBittle, a high-performance, open-source quadruped robot designed to mimic the movements and behavior of a real dog. Its compact size, sleek design, and advanced capabilities make it a perfect tool for teaching robotics and inspiring creativity.

During the workshop, participants had the opportunity to interact with Bittle and learn about its features and functionalities. They discovered how to control Bittle's movements, program it to perform various tasks, and even customize its behavior using Petoi's  Open Source Programmable Bittle Robot Dog. This hands-on experience allowed the students to explore the possibilities of robotics in a fun and engaging way.


Robotics Education


The deployment of Bittle at the STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop also provided an opportunity to discuss the importance of open-source platforms in robotics education. Petoi's commitment to open-source software enables students and educators to access and modify the technology, fostering innovation and collaboration within the robotics community.

Throughout the workshop, participants worked in teams, collaborating on projects and solving challenges using Bittle. This collaborative approach not only enhanced their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills but also nurtured their ability to work effectively as a team. The students quickly discovered that robotics is a multidisciplinary field that requires expertise in programming, engineering, and design.


Robotics Education
The workshop also incorporated elements of coding, allowing participants to explore the relationship between robotics and computer science. They learned how to program Bittle using a block-based coding environment, enabling them to develop custom behaviors and functionalities for the robot dog.
Robotics Eductaion
The presence of Bittle in the form of a quadruped robot pet at the STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop sparked enthusiasm and curiosity among the participants. The interactive sessions and hands-on activities with Bittle instilled a sense of wonder and excitement, inspiring young minds to pursue further studies and careers in robotics and STEM fields.


The success of the workshop demonstrated the potential of Petoi's bionic robot dog, Bittle, as an educational robot tool. Its versatility, advanced four-legged movement capabilities, and interactive nature differiate itself from other form of robotics,  make it an ideal companion for educators and students alike. By incorporating Bittle into robotics workshops and educational programs, institutions can provide students with an immersive and engaging learning experience to engage with advanced robotics technology, explore coding and programming, and develop essential skills for the future.  By combining theory with hands-on practice, the workshop fostered a deep understanding of robotics and ignited a passion for STEM fields.

In conclusion, the deployment of Petoi's robot dog, Bittle, at the Syracuse University STEM Trekkers Robotic Workshop was a resounding success. The workshop provided students with a unique opportunity to engage with advanced robotics technology, explore coding and programming, and develop essential skills for the future.

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