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Sense and React: the Amazing Capabilities of Bittle, the Sensor-Packed Robot Dog

Bittle open source robot dog is having some fun using a camera and a few IoT sensors to do Easter Egg hunt and celebrating the National Robotics week from April 8 to 16:

The sensors in the video:

  • Object recognition smart camera module: enhance Bittle robot dog, your quadruped robotics device with a cutting-edge smart camera module designed for object recognition. Experience advanced visual capabilities without compromising on performance.
  • Touch sensor: expand your device's sensing system with our touch sensor featuring two touch pads for sensing touches.
  • Gesture sensor for intuitive control: enable Bittle robot dog, your device, to recognize basic gestures such as top, down, left, and right movements. Unlock the potential for performing tricks and effortlessly navigate through functions. The gesture sensor is seamlessly integrated via the Grove connector's 12C pins (SCL/SDA). 
  • Light sensor for brightness dection: enhance robot dog Bittle's adaptability with a light sensor module that measures brightness. Enable your device to effortlessly track and follow a light source for improved functionality. The light sensor module utilizes two analog input pins in the Grove connector.

All of the sensors and the camera are Arduino-compatible modules and can work with Raspberry Pi.




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