Free C++ Quadruped Robotics Curriculum

for Middle/High School & College Educators

Petoi is proud to release the free Petoi quadruped robotics project-based learning (PBL) curriculum in C++. It uses Arduino as the coding environment and Petoi's Bittle robot dog kit as the hardware platform.

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The curriculum built for Arduino & C++ learning

  • introduction to Arduino IDE
  • demonstrations of light LEDs and buzzer integration
  • fundamental programming concepts and C++ syntax
  • how a robot collects data, understands the environment, makes decisions, and performs tasks
  • integration of functions into complex systems
  • use Bittle as an example of a complex system.

The curriculum is suitable to kids and teenages in middle schools, high schools and college students.
For teachers, we also include the lesson plans and the students’ workbooks.

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The advantages of learning with a lifelike robot dog

  • Bittle adopts a dog-like body that's attractive to young students
  • Bittle's building process and programmable movement programming encourage classroom discussions on STEM topics
  • Robot dog-like bionic design encourages students to think about the relationship between humans, robotics, AI, and modern technology
  • The curriculum encourages the development of new forms of robotic motions, human-robot interaction and new robot dog IoT and companion applications


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Learn IoT programming with sensors

The curriculum is designed to help students learn about Bittle robotics sensing with various Arduino-compatible sensors and modules, including PIR motion, light level, ultrasonic, reflective sensors, and cameras, and explore the exciting world of sensor technology and develop their skills in programming and electronics. 


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