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Robot dog Bittle Kickstarter campaign update - a new start

Dear Backers,

It's been another busy month. We have shipped all previous orders from the robot dog Bittle Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and are fulfilling new orders regularly. We ship every ten orders or every two weeks, whichever comes first. If you have any questions regarding your orders, please write to support@petoi.com.

Now we are trying to build a stable business rather than a momentum-based campaign. The feedback from our users is instrumental in improving the design and documentation. While trying to keep up with the sales, we are dealing with the ongoing chip shortage crisis. We almost exhausted the first batch of materials and are preparing new inventories. Many chips used on our PCB and servos are out of stock or become five times more expensive. We don't want to raise the price, and backup designs are in development to keep the cost reasonable. In the short term, we are still able to ship new orders timely.

I pushed some major updates to the GitHub repository: improving the gaits' stability and adding a new "play dead" trick to the infrared remote. I'm also trying to add some automatic triggers for the tricks with sensory data. I highly recommend taking some time to learn to configure the coding environment and upgrade OpenCat on your robot because the meat is in the open codes. We've been doing more feature development and will release them once ready.

When talking about the infrared remote, I hope to make a customized panel to make the buttons more intuitive and stylish. Please check our forum to give advice, and we could select your design for mass production!

We hope you are enjoying the building experience with quadruped robot Bittle. Do not hesitate to post your stories with the new pet, and the Petoi Challenge will launch in one month! Take your time to get familiar with the code, especially the definition of skills, to solve the coming challenge. Winners will enter our Hall of Fame and get a free Bittle open source robot dog!


All the best,

Rz and the Petoi Team


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