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Petoi Bittle Robots Featured in the Presidents Scholars Academy of Bluefield State University

As you walk through the campus of Bluefield State University, a public in Bluefield, West Virginia, you will cross Dickason Hall, where young aspiring robotics students work on leading STEM and robotics school projects. Recently, Petoi Bittle was right at the center of such an exceptional program. In this article, we'll take a look at how Petoi Bittle is helping shape the future of global robotics education!
high student programming robot bittle robot dog wtih block-based coding

Made possible by the Presidents Emerging Scholars Academy, the inaugural one-week program featured quadruped robots like Petoi Bittle.  It gave many high school students their first experience with building and coding an educational robot dog.

Started in the summer of 2023,  the goal of the Presidents Emerging Scholars Academy is to enable high school students from disadvantaged areas to access excellent opportunities in STEM and robotics that would prepare them for college-level work, especially in highly challenging fields of study.

The academy program introduced students to Petoi Bittle STEM Kits and spent about an hour building and assembling the quadruped robots. Next, they used Block-Based coding with Scratch to learn the basic concepts and fundamentals behind robot movement while learning to program and maneuver the Bittle dog.  The summer camp program also incorporated Petoi Sensor Pack to introduce IoT programming to students where students can collect inputs via sensors attached to the robots and program new behaviors.

One of the professors who was teaching the students how to code  marveled at how easy it was to program Petoi coding robot Bittle, especially using Block-Based coding with Scratch. He mentioned how with the press of a button, students could get the robot to move and also program complex dance routines with the legged robots.

Here is a video of the high school students working with Petoi Bittle robot dogs:

The summer camp program is a fantastic initiative to give these young minds an actual taste of college life and hopefully also light a spark in these teens to pursue higher education in STEM, robotics and beyond! We at Petoi are excited to have the opportunity to have Bittle feature in their inaugural program and make robotics education accessible to everyone!

Not just in Bluefield State, Petoi's educational robots and robotics curriculums can be seen in schools, colleges & universities all around the world:

Read how Colorado University has used Petoi Robot dogs for Summer Robotics and STEM camps

From STEM projects to introduction to robotics education to cutting-edge robotics AI projects, we prioritize robotics education and aim to equip educators around the world with free, easy-to-access curriculums that can help with practical learning in the classroom.

You can click on the image below to learn about our free robotics curriculum:

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