Petoi Bittle Robot shines at Children's day event in Thailand

Petoi's Bittle Robot Dog was the star attraction at a children's day event organized recently in Thailand!

Following up on the recent success at Techland Asia 0110 in Bangkok, Borot, our partners in Thailand showcased the Bittle robotic dog at a children's day robotics event recently and the program turned out to be a huge success!

The idea was to engage children with various activities involving the Bittle Robotic dog. The children interacting with the booth were provided with an opportunity to assemble, play with, and program the Bittle using block-based programming with Mind+. (Mind+ is a tool that enables hardware programming for little kids using simple block-based coding. By converting complex coding languages like Python & C++ into simple drag-and-drop blocks, Mind+ simply unlocks young creative minds through an interactive experience.  Petoi's Bittle Robot Dog and Nybble Robotic Cat can be programmed with Mind+ coding blocks!
This is why Petoi's products are a great hit among young students looking to foray into the world of STEM coding education!

Petoi Thailand Borot event

When we spoke with Borot's team after the event, we were delighted to know that the response to the robotics event was overwhelmingly positive and they received great feedback from several schools. We were also absolutely elated when we learned that there's a growing interest in Petoi among universities in Thailand as well!

Owing to the growing popularity of robotics education in Thailand and the brilliant support of Borot, we're grateful for the impact our partnership with Borot has created in the region! Our collaboration has been instrumental in developing interest in STEM coding education amongst young students and again, we are thankful for that!

Are you interested in learning how Petoi's robotic kits are mesmerizing students worldwide?
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