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Petoi launches Open Source Bittle STEM Kit

Petoi, the maker of futuristic robotic pets, today launches the Bittle STEM kit, a lower cost version of its palm sized quadruped robot dog that can help teach tech enthusiasts, young and old, about STEM, robotics and coding.

Petoi robot dog Bittle STEM kit

Small but agile, open source four-legged robot Bittle can be programmed to walk, do tricks and roll around just like a real dog. Differing slightly from Bittle V1, the STEM kit contains plastic-gear servos instead of metal making it lighter and more flexible with different movements.

Bittle Servo Comparison


Bittle runs on NyBoard, an Arduino compatible motion controller which can attack different modules to enable different applications such as path finding, voice control, image/video recognition and gesture recognition.


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