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Robot dog Bittle Kickstarter campaign update - talk to your robot, shoutout to the community

Dear Backers,

It's almost two months after we ship out the crowdfunding orders. I hope everyone is successful in assembling and configuring Bittle to working condition. It's a reasonable time to start the long-planned Petoi Challange, and the first stage is to help you with the programming. Please follow this step-by-step instruction to create your first customized skill, and post what you can do with the quadruped robot and @petoicamp on social networks. We will better understand the difficulties of the challenge with your output and announce a good goal next month. You can also share your instinctBittle.h for other users to reproduce your skills on their Bittle! 

Check this demo video of a voice-controlled Bittle robot dog with Raspberry Pi 3A+ mounted on the NyBoard:


I also discovered that NVIDIA is using Bittle to demonstrate their Issac Sim environment.

Three other projects are going on:

1. We are making a customized infrared remote panel for our next batch of 3000 kits. The samples will arrive next week for our approval. We will also share the printable design file to print a sticker on the already delivered remotes. 

2. We are in the 2nd round test for the Petoi App in both Android and IOS versions. It will be a one-to-one controller (unlike the infrared remote), so you can control two quadruped robots without conflicts. It also supports customizable command buttons to shortcut your special movements.  

3. The new homepage takes more time than we expected. It will better present our project and host an online store. You can put orders for extra accessories and replacements directly from us.

We recently moved to a new room for our warehouse and production line. A new member joined to handle the supply chain in this challenging time.

I also taught a three-day robotics section of a summer camp hosted by Tsinghua University. It's a one-month camp with top scholars gathered to incubate future academic leaders. I got direct user feedback and also saw some fun results from the students.

I'm looking forward to your posts and videos of Bittle. Even a different background will tell a different story. The fact that another user in a foreign country makes it work will inspire our team and other users!



All the best,

Rz and the Petoi team


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