Beta version of Petoi Desktop App 2.0 Released

Based on OpenCat's Python API, we developed a new open source Petoi Desktop App with the following features for Petoi open source quadruped robots:




Firmware uploader

easily upgrade their robots and switch between standard modes with different modules, such as the camera module

OpenCat 1.0

OpenCat 2.0

Joint calibrator

calibrate joints for stable walking and motion

OpenCat 2.0

Skill composer

motion planning, creating impressive robot movements, and sharing

OpenCat 2.0


The Skill Composer features:

  • import, export, play, pause, and edit the motion frames pre-defined in the instinct.h files. You can set the speed, delay, and triggering angles for each frame.
  • define the looping sequence of frames. For each frame, you can bind, reversely bind multiple joints, mirror the posture, and adjust global body orientation.
  • The new skill will be sent to the robot in real-time and saved in its static memory to be called even after the connection is closed. The time for motion-planning and tuning a new skill is reduced from hours to minutes, and it will be much easier to share your skills with other users.
  • If you have multiple robots, the UI continues to detect the ports to add or remove robots. You may control them all at once, or send instructions to individual four-legged robots.


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