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Petoi C++ and Python Quadruped Robotics Curriculum Plan

C++ Curriculum Plan

We are developing a C++ project-based learning(PBL) curriculum to help teachers teach and students learn to code and develop quadruped robotics application with Petoi's OpenCat-based robot dog Bittle and robot cat Nybble.

  • A C++-based curriculum covering basic Arduino scripts and advanced sensor data processing and interaction.  It gears toward introducing students to C++, Arduino and four-legged robot programming.
  • We plan to release the chapters to cover half of a school year by the end of August.

Python Curriculum Plan

In the fall, we also plan to develop a Python-based intermediate curriculum

  • It targets middle/high school students that are already experienced in coding. It will cover communication and motion planning.
  • We will also cover some good user demos to help experienced users advance their programming skills in quadruped robots and conduct challenging programming tasks including locomotion/AI/pathfinding etc. 
  • The release date is to be determined.

Your Feedback

If you are interested in learning more about our quadruped robotics curriculum, please email us at support@petoi.com to give us your thoughts.  We will love to learn about your pain points in teaching STEM/robotics and share more details of our curriculum. 



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