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Petoi Robot Cat Nybble

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find the Nybble user manual and/or documentation?

Please visit our documentation for detailed assembly instructions, as well as configurations, sample codes, and info about available upgrades.

How old should Nybble users be when they get started?

Nybble is best-suited for users aged 14 and older. Younger users can enjoy building Nybble under adult supervision

How long does it take to assemble Nybble?

On average, it takes four hours to assemble Nybble's frame. No soldering is required for the basic functionalities of Nybble. There are several moments when you need to be extremely careful to plug in the cords in the right order and direction.

How beginner-friendly is the process of setting up the software and playing with Nybble?

After assembling the pieces, you will need to learn some basic operations in Arduino IDE or use the Petoi mobile/desktop apps to configure. Then you can control Nybble with the included infrared remote or the Petoi mobile or desktop apps. Prior coding experience is required

Does Petoi offer drag & drop coding support?

We offer the Scratch-like block-based programming tool Petoi Coding Blocks, the corresponding curriculum,  a video tutorial series to guide beginners to easily get started with robotics programming.

How long does the battery last?

Nybble has two versions. The current version V2 comes with a rechargable Li-Ion battery providing 70 minutes of playing time. The older Nybble V1 version doesn't come with a battery. Please check the recommeneded batteries for Nybble V1 that provide about 45 mins of playing time.

Can you tell me more about how your quadruped robots work with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and its supporting modules?

Please check out the hardware section in the FAQ.

Can you tell me more about the supporting software to control and program Nybble?

Please check out the software section in the FAQ.

Can you tell me the differences between your quadruped robot dog and cat?
Does Nybble require a network connection to fuction?

No, Nybble doesn't need any network connection.

What can a robot cat do?

A real robot cat like Nybble can sit, stretch, sleep, balance, greet, and do pushups. You can also program Nybble to perform new actions and do new tricks.

What is NyBoard?

NyBoard is an Arduino compatible motion controller that Nybble runs on. An analogy is NyBoard is to a robot like a motherboard to a PC. You can use NyBoard for Arduno and IoT programming, and design whatever robotic animal or creature you like.

What's the relation of OpenCat and Nybble?

OpenCat is the open source quadruped robotic pet framework that Nybble runs on. Petoi founder Rongzhong Li built a robot cat prototype running on OpenCat and commercialized it to become Nybble.

How many joints and degrees of freedom does Nybble robot cat have?

Nybble is a four-legged robot cat with 2 joints on each leg, 2 joints on its head, and 1 joint on its tail, so a total of 11 joints. It means Nybble is a 11-degree-of-freedom(DOF) quadruped robot.

Where can I find 3D-print STL files for Nybble?
Where can I find the best price for Nybble? When will Nybble be on sale?

Petoi.com always has the lowest price. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications of sales.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews

Cool product. Instructions are unnecessary vague and complicated.

Nybble cat robot

This robot cat is unique in that it is constructed of wood. Assembled without issues, and there is a large amount of on-line documentation that is very helpful. When you get it wandering around with additional coding, it really is a cute “cat” and the included instincts are good simulations. I am impressed by the responsiveness of Petoi tech support, with e-mails answered the same day and thorough assistance including video calls. I was not previously familiar with Petoi but Nybble looked very promising so figured I would take a chance. Glad I did.


Absolutely too many pieces and insane to put together