Best Gift Ideas for

Geeks, Makers,
Engineers, Programmer
& Engineering Students

Geeks, Makers,
Engineers, Programmer
& Engineering Students

Special Robotics Gift for Your Special Love

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Every geek, maker, engineer, programmer dreams of owning a cool realistic robot

But owning a $70,00 Boston Dynamic Spot Mini robot dog is a luxury, and it's too big as a (robot) pet in his/her space. Owning a $2,899 Soniy Aibo is still expensive. 

Petoi has brought down the cost from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred dollars. You don't need to break your bank to gift an amazing prgrammable high-tech gadget. 

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Engineers can finally code their own personalized robot pets

The real fun begins when one codes new tricks for the programmable four-legged (quadruped) robots
  • make it run faster, jump higher and play acrobatic tricks, such as doing consecutive backflips
  • make cool and intelligent robot applications such as robot pet dancing, mimicking real pet's moves using machine learning


Gift a robot pet for Valentine's day now!