Top 5 Educational Coding Robot Kits for Kids & Teenagers

It is an uncontested fact that the advancement in technology has led to building numerous distractions for young people. But now, new robots are being built to educate kids and teenagers during playtime. Coding robotics kits can help kids and teenagers develop complicated integrational skills and enhance their interest in the engineering science fields.
Coding robots are a type of STEM(science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) robot kits for kids to learn to code. Building robots and making them move by writing codes make programming fun and interactive.
Do you need a STEM coding robot for your kid or teenager who'll be taught the best STEM skills? We are going to cover some of the best robots that will help him/her in building their STEM skills:

Petoi Bittle Robot Dog - $269.00

Petoi Bittle is a programmable robot dog family that provides amazing performance in a tiny package. It is a customizable DIY robot dog that kids can build and program to explore the real world. This servo-activated robot can also be programmed with artificial intelligence and is perfect for STEM, robotics, and AI education. With this multipurpose robot, your kid can learn coding by customizing and programming his/her own pet with new skills.

This coding robot was created specifically for robotics coding education to fulfill your kid’s experimental fantasies. Its optional camera module features algorithms for object recognition through vision. It can move more freely on uneven ground thanks to its legs instead of the wheels that are commonly on other robot dog toys. Every time it moves, it brings excitement like a real pet dog.

Only a few high-end robots from top laboratories or billionaire businesses have had such dynamic agility. But, this robotic kit has exceptional agility and is appropriate for students ages 14 and up. The bionic system of this coding robot performs dynamically and has excellent coordination.

The First OpenCat 3D-printed Prototype

The birth of Petoi can be traced back to its founder & CEO Rongzhong Li's earliest DIY prototype version of an open source 3D-printed robot cat.

Dream of building your own robot pets?


. Build your own robot dog that acts like a real dog
. Entertaining to control Bittle with the pre-programmed skills and your own customized skills on the mobile app
. Programming languages: C++, Petoi Coding Blocks(Scratch-like drag & drop programming), and Python
. Robotics curriculums in C++Petoi Coding Blocks(Scratch-like drag & drop programming), and robotics/coding learning resources
. Bittle X supports 35+ voice commands and 10 programmable voice commands
. Great for
   . STEM camps, robotics camps & maker educators
   . DIY robotics enthusiasts
   . Homeschools
   . Fans of bionics and robotics
. For children aged 10 and above

Wonder Workshop Dash - $149.95

Wonder Workshop Dash is simply a voice-operated robot toy that combines learning with a fun and interactive environment. The biggest fascination of this coding robot is voice operation. This coding robot understands your voice and operates as per your instructions.

Enjoy the benefits of an amazing digital world with this robot. Your kids may use bricks to convert this amazing robot into a catapult, animal, or truck. Use a micro USB to charge this coding robot. It includes a Bluetooth connection as a feature. Thirty days are spent in standby mode, and 5 hours are spent playing. Five linked applications can be used with voice control to run this. Your voice will also be recognized by it.

It can move about, light up, and dance in response to your orders. This coding robot may be used by kids aged six and older. Therefore, introduce your child to the digital world as well. Kids may program a virtual Dash robot that is included with the actual robot. Dash robots will continue to be engaging learning companions for years because of the constant addition of new material to Class Connect.


. Unique and descent design
. Programming language - Java, Python, C++
. Children friendly
. For children aged six and above
. Voice control
. Detailed 3-D environment

Sphero Bolt - $179.00

Kids adore robots. Sphero Bolt is an entertaining, mechanical ball you can control using various smartphone apps. Sphero Bolt is a transparent edition of the robot ball (roughly the size of a tennis ball) that folds up a ton of detectors and a configurable LED matrix.

This software enables you to create straightforward instructions to slide, flip, spin, or alter the color of the ball using a scripting environment similar to Scratch. If you're a more experienced programmer, you can dive into the C-based OVAL computer language, although block-based coding is simple enough for those just starting out.

You just drag-and-drop commands (such as color, spin, move, alter the direction of travel, speed, etc.) from the app's menu, and these instructions join together in the sequence you choose. Sliding the pieces around the display can easily change that sequence.


. App-enabled control
. Drag-and-drop commands
. Programmable language - Scratch blocks
. Block-based coding

Mochi Robotics Kit - $219.00

Mochi completely avoids using screens to improve computational and critical thinking skills. It uses hands-on coding, interactive narrative, and homemade assembly to interest your youngster in computers and problem-solving. Children push themselves while learning at their own speed by creating their own characters, playing with coding instructions, and learning new things.

Mochi holds your child's attention for protracted durations of active play in order to promote life skills like patience, perseverance, and focus. Your youngster will learn to solve problems through interactive feedback, trial-and-error, and straightforward yet flexible programming techniques.

This coding robot is LEGO-compatible and is the ideal building block for aspiring engineers and artists. Your kid can try do-it-yourself projects. To protect your child's safety today and promote sustainable ideals for a lifetime, Mochi is produced from only natural, biodegradable wood-based components.


. LEGO compatible
. DIY project
. Screenless robot
. Flexible programming techniques

Anki Cozmo - $149.00

Cozmo is a little, personable coding robot that can interact with others, its surroundings, and a set of three touch-sensitive LED blocks that come with the kit. With the blocks, it may move and stack them, play various games, display various animations, and even utilize the built-in camera to recognize faces. The Code Lab function is the most intriguing since it enables you to program Cozmo's behavior by connecting a variety of gestures, actions, and animations.

Children are taught the fundamentals of coding using a straightforward, colorful block system, which includes blocks for actions, motions, and animations, as well as blocks for functions like looping and other triggers like seeing. Even if it's basic, there is certainly the opportunity for expansion and the ability to progress to extremely complicated behaviors, all of which are shown in front of you by the incessantly endearing Cozmo.


. Touch-sensitive robot
. Colorful block system
. Programming language: Python
. Built-in camera
. Connect a variety of gestures, actions, and animations
. Interactive


These are the top children's coding robots available today in the market. These cool robots effectively keep your kids interested and engaged while promoting the growth of a range of STEM (scientific, technological, engineering, and mathematics) capabilities. Any option you select will put your child on the right track to developing strong STEM abilities that will serve them well throughout their careers.

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