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Petoi Robot Dog Bittle X

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where can I find the Bittle X user manual and/or documentation?

Please visit our documentation for detailed assembly instructions, as well as configurations, sample codes, and info about available upgrades.

How old should Bittle X users be when they get started?

Bittle is best-suited for users aged 10 and older. Younger users can enjoy building Bittle X under adult supervision

What are the differences of all of your Bittle robot dog models?

Please check the comparison.

How long does it take to assemble Bittle X?

For the construction package, it takes 40-90 minutes to assemble and configure Bittle to be playable with the remote control or the Petoi mobile app.

The pre-assembled package allows users to enjoy Bittle straight out of the box with the included remote control or the Petoi mobile app.

Does Petoi offer drag & drop coding support?

We offer the Scratch-like block-based programming tool Petoi Coding Blocks, the corresponding curriculum,  a video tutorial series to guide beginners to easily get started with robotics programming.

How long does the battery last?

The Li-ion battery pack for about one hour of continuous walking.

Does the kit include a charger?

The kit does not include a charger but a Micro-USB to USB cable. The battery can be charged with regular micro USB chargers.

Can you tell me more about how your quadruped robots work with Arduino/Raspberry Pi and its supporting modules?

Please check out the hardware section in the FAQ.

Can you tell me more about the supporting software to control and program Bittle?

Please check out the software section in the FAQ.

Can you tell me the differences between your quadruped robot dog and cat?
How is Bittle X compared to some of the best quadruped robot dogs and mechanical puppies on the market?
Does Bittle X require a network connection to fuction? Does it send my voice to any server?

No, Bittle X doesn't need any network connection. It processes your voice command locally and doesn't send any of your voice to any server.

How much weight can Bittle X carry?

Bittle X can carry 1lb of weight.

Is Bittle X waterproof?

No. But Bittle can walk in the shadow water area.

How many joints and degrees of freedom does Bittle X robot dog have?

Bittle X is a four-legged robot dog with 2 joints on each leg and 1 joint on its neck, so a total of 9 joints. It means Bittle X is a 9-degree-of-freedom(DOF) quadruped robot.

How fast can Bittle X run

A safe fast speed is 2 body lengths/second, or 40mm/second. It could run 3-4 body length /second in experimental mode(not published).

Where can I find 3D-print STL files for Bittle X?
Where can I find the best price for Bittle X? When will Bittle X be on sale?

Petoi.com always has the lowest price. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and subscribe to our newsletter to get notifications of sales.

Customer Reviews

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Love this


Good fun!


The product was lost as it was delivered to a wrong address by YunExpress. But the Petoi was very helpful and willing to ship the new one. Problem solved. Great communication!