3D-Printed Quadruped Robots Built On Petoi Open Source Programmable Robotics System 

With the advances in 3D-printing technology, there have been a lot of interests in 3D-printing a dynamic walking robot dog or cat.

The First OpenCat 3D-printed Prototype

The birth of Petoi can be traced back to its founder & CEO Rongzhong Li's earliest DIY prototype version of an open source 3D-printed robot cat.

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Fan-made DIY Quadruped Robots based on Petoi Quadruped Robot Kits

After Petoi rolled out quadruped Nybble and Bittle, our fans have made several customized versions of Nybble that can be 3D printed or laser cut:

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DIY Robots Based on OpenCat

Our fans also DIY their own robots based on our robots and OpenCat, Petoi's Open Source Quadruped Robotic Pet Framework.

Dream of building your own robot pets?

Community Sharing

As a way to support our users, Petoi also shares some 3D models for the current products
We are so happy to see Petoi has inspired people to develop their customized versions of robot dogs and cats that are smart and programmed("hacked") to do intelligent things.

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